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Some Interesting Facts about Lake Willoughby:


Lake Willoughby is listed as a Natural National Landmark


Loon, Peregrine Falcon, American Bald Eagle, songbirds, butterflies, mink, and otters, live among the rare ferns and alpine plants of the unspoiled crystal waters and shoreline.


The Lake is the deepest lake in Vermont, with depths exceeding 300 feet.


Lake Willoughby holds the world's record for the largest trout ever caught through the ice. The fish weighed in at 39 pounds, (18kg)

 To Make Your Reservation Call (Off Season) 1-781-762-3112 Perkin's Hilltop Cottages on Lake Willoughby

Plan Your Vacation In Advance

We accept reservations made in advance throughout the year.


Kayak Rentals available at White Caps Campground in Westmore, VT


A Three Season Getaway!


Surrounding a peaceful green above the lake, our six cottages and Lyndon Lodge are available from May 15-October 15.


Each has a distinct character and offers clean and comfortable accommodations which give you access to  crystal clear Lake Willoughby, described as the queen of all Vermont's lakes by Wallace Nutting in his famous book, VERMONT BEAUTIFUL.


Swim, kayak, hike or just connect with yourself, loved ones and Mother Nature in this unspoiled setting, where a glacier's awesome power has created a scene of incredible majestic beauty. A short walk down from your cottage brings you to our observation deck with steps to our beach which boasts magnificent views of the lake.

We are handy to many wedding venues.  At nearby East Burke, Kingdom Trails offer some of the best and most scenic bike trails in the world,  encompassing all levels from family to extreme sports.  Our guests also enjoy day trips to Jay Peak and Montreal.

A great place to relax, refresh and renew your health and spirit in this magnificent natural setting.


Bring Your Bike!

The Kingdom Trails Association has carved a magnificent mountain bike trail in the area. Referred to as "the ride of your life" by Yankee Traveler, the kingdom bike trail will bring you through the wilderness, down hillsides and across pasture lands that offer scenic vistas of local mountain ranges. The Kingdom Trails Association is located in East Burke, VT. Kingdom Trails


The beach is absolutely breathtaking. A short walk down a country path will bring you to an overlook where a deck rests for those who might enjoy the view. A few steps further and you are there.


Fall Foliage

In Northeastern Vermont, the mountains bring forth a breathtaking array of colors that begin about the fourth week of September and last until late October. Peak is expected about October 7st.


Gone Fishin!

Lake Willoughby contains rainbow trout (wild and stocked),  brown trout and state record lake trout" after rainbow trout, land locked salmon, rainbow smelt, burbot, yellow perch,  and round whitefish, a native species to Vermont.



Got Maple Syrup!

For years the Perkins family sold delicious maple syrup from their sugarhouse at Perkins Hilltop Cottages.  We are proud to once again offer maple syrup from the Perkin's  sugarbush and Roy & Dave Perkin's Ridgeview Sugaring for sale at our reception office.

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